Optical Express Laser Eye Surgery

What Do Optical Express Do?

Optical Express is a leading eyecare provider, specialising in laser eye surgery, lens and cataract surgery. They are the fourth largest optical retail group in the UK, and also offer eye tests and a wide range of glasses and contact lenses.

As well as operating nationwide across the UK, they also have clinics in Ireland, Croatia and Germany. The company is renowned in the optical industry for their high clinical standards and quality of care that they deliver to patients.

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History Of The Company

Optical Express were founded in 1991 by David Moulsdale with a single branch in Leith, Edinburgh. The company have grown steadily and consistently since then. They took over rival opticians Remocker Shapiro in 1995 and their eleven stores and in January 1997 acquired Specialeyes Plc, including their 65 strong chain of outlets in England, thus establishing a retail presence in England for the first time.

The Optical Express Group generally have strong ethical and environmental guiding principles and do a lot of work in the local communities where there outlets are located. They pride themselves in practising the highest levels of staff expertise and excellence to produce the best possible results for their patients and are committed to the highest standards in all aspects of their operations.

Types Of Laser Eye Surgery Offered By Optical Express

Optical Express offer two types of laser eye surgery:

LASIK (Laser-Assisted-In-Situ-Keratomileusis) - This is the most common type of laser eye surgery performed by Optical Express. LASIK corrects your vision using two incredibly precise lasers. The first creates an ultra-thin protective flap and the second reshapes the cornea.

LASEK surgery (Laser-Assisted-Epithelial-Keratomileusis) - Some patients are unsuitable for LASIK treatment and are better suited to LASEK surgery. LASEK corrects your vision using the exact same precise laser as used during LASIK. During LASEK the laser is applied closer to the outer surface of the cornea and there is no need for a flap to be created. This can make LASEK a better option for people with thinner corneas.

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Laser Eye Surgery - What Is Involved?

Laser eye surgery involves gently reshaping the surface of your eye with a cool beam of laser light to correct your vision.

Your journey starts with a free consultation, during which your eyes are examined and your suitability for the treatment is determined.

Optical Express offer two types of laser eye surgery - LASIK and LASEK. Both of these treatments are used to treat long and short-sightedness as well as astigmatism.

LASIK laser eye surgery explained part 1 LASIK laser eye surgery explained part 2

Laser eye surgery explained

The treatment takes no more than 20 minutes and the recovery time is quick— most patients can return to work and can drive within 24 hours.

Types Of Lens Surgery Offered By Optical Express

Lens surgery uses a hi-tech artificial lens to correct poor vision. The lens is called an intraocular lens and it works much the same as a contact lens. The intraocular lens is custom-fit to each eye and fixed in place, no need for cleaning and removal.

Optical Express offers two different types of lens surgery to correct poor vision; replacement and enhancement. Replacement lens surgery is the exact same as modern day cataract surgery.

The different types of lens surgery available through Optical Express include:

  • Natural lens replacement - during this treatment, the lens of the eye is replaced with a synthetic one that will correct vision.
  • Cataract surgery - during cataract surgery, a surgeon will remove the lens of that has become clouded, and as with lens replacement, the surgeon will replace it with a synthetic one.
  • Lens enhancement surgery - this treatment works in a similar way to lens replacement, but instead the synthetic lens is placed on top of your natural lens.
  • Lens surgery explained - when having lens surgery, the actual operation only takes about 20 minutes per eye and each eye is treated on a separate day.

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