Laser Eye Surgery In Belfast

Locations For Laser Eye Surgery In Belfast

There are a number of laser eye surgery clinics in Belfast. The Optical Express laser eye surgery clinic is in Belfast’s city centre at 32 Donegall Place and there is also the Cathedral Eye Clinic at the University of Ulster, York Street Campus near Belfast Cathedral.

The Benefits Of Experience

laser eye surgery in Belfast

  • Optimax are a very popular choice among those looking for laser eye surgery in Belfast and come with a "price promise" to give you the best deal available. Optimax have treated over 300,000 patients in the UK, have a wide range of treatments available and claim to have the most experience laser eye surgery team. They have their results audited regularly and boast 95% attain 20:20 vision, while 99% reach driving standard vision of 10:20. They also offer a total care for life guarantee.
  • Optical Express is popular in Europe and has completed over 700,000 procedures in the UK alone. They have recently invested a further £300 million into laser eye surgery technology and clinic safety in order to ensure the best practises and procedures and maintain the highest levels of safety at their clinics. Optical Express also offers a full aftercare programme plus a 24 hour, post-surgery, medical hotline.
  • Cathedral Eye Clinic, being part of a University, doesn't advertise their successes and treatments in quite the same way as the other three but they do have a website for general information. This clinic would expect you to make a suitability appointment where they would give you advice and, if you prove unsuitable for laser eye surgery, will talk you through other options that may be available to you.

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Prices For Laser Eye Surgery In Belfast

Ultralase treatments include LASIK and LASEK (Ultra); Wavefront (Ultra Plus) and 3rd Generation Wavefront (Ultra Elite) and costs range from between £995 to £2,385 per eye. They offer a free consultation. Optimax procedures include treatments for short sight, long sight and astigmatism; Intralase – All Laser LASIK and Wavefront – Customised Surgery. Prices are from £395 per eye. Optimax’ consultations for laser eye surgery are free but they may charge a ‘no-show’ deposit of £30. Optical Express also advertises their laser eye surgery prices as starting from just £395 per eye but further investigation shows that prices are based on the eye sight prescription of individuals. On that basis it’s estimated that a possible 60% will not qualify for this low price.

Choosing The Best Laser Eye Surgery Clinic In Belfast

As with all surgery, the best clinic is the one that can provide the closest match to requirements at a price that fits the budget. Cost is always a main factor but the main thing is to compare options carefully and see what’s best in the form of consultations – will you be able to speak to a medical professional and not just a sales person? Then consider treatment options, benefits and, of course, risks. Any surgical procedure has potential risks and, in this case, they may include sensitivity to light and temporary dryness of the eye. Some post-surgical conditions could need additional enhancement or treatment. The consultation process is not only a chance to find out what surgery will be suitable but to discuss what can be expect afterwards and what aftercare treatment is available. Once the main facts have been gathered it’s time to compare costs and ask about any additional charges that may be relevant to your particular situation.

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