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Galway Clinic

The Galway Clinic in Ireland is a community hospital which opened in 2004. It provides a wide range of surgeries, and whilst being of a Roman Catholic ethos, welcomes all faiths and cultures for healthcare provision.

The Galway Clinic has two main sites - one in Limerick and the other in Doughiska, Galway.

What Services Do They Provide?

As well as managing an independently funded A&E unit, the Galway Clinic also provides many other treatments including; heart surgery, radiotherapy, health care screening, PET/CT oncology scanning, robotic surgery, obesity surgery, gastric Ph monitoring and laser eye surgery.

Laser Eye Surgery

The Galway Clinic performs a range of corrective laser eye surgeries:

PTK Phototherapeutic Keratectomy - Using an excimer laser the surface of the cornea is treated accordingly to assist with removing diseased cells and scaring of the surface lens of the eye. The cornea is cleaned and sterilized with anaesthetic drops before laser treatment begins. The procedure only takes around a few minutes and dark glasses may be required for the initial days after surgery. A new contact lens or glasses prescription may also be required due to vision being clearer.

PRK Photorefractive Keratoplasty is used to treat and correct refractive issues. Using an excimer laser, the cornea is reshaped according to prescription without the need for a microkeratome blade incision.

LASEK (Laser Assisted in-situ Epithelial Keratomileusis) - The surgeon gently removes cells of the cornea to the edge using a medical solution. Corneal adjustments are then made by excimer laser treatment. The tissue of the cornea is replaced and a bandage contact lens will be inserted to assist healing.

LASIK is a laser refractive procedure during which the surgeon creates a corneal flap by means of a microkeratome blade. The cornea is corrected by excimer laser treatment and the flap is then replaced to heal. Drops are administered to aid with the healing process along with a bandage contact lens which is inserted into the patient's eye for a number of days.

For all these procedures a follow up appointment will be made to review and discuss any post-operative concerns and to check progress of healing and surgical success.

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Opthalmic Surgeons And Consultants

Consultant surgeons at the Galway clinic are:

Mr Sean Chen

Having gained an Honours in Surgery & Opthalmology from University College Galway (NUIG) in 1992, Mr Chen now specialises in opthlamic surgery. He has dedicated many years, both nationally and internationally, to research in surgical procedures and is highly trained in oculoplastic and paediatric ophthalmic surgery. He is also the author of many ocular academic publications.

Mr Eamon O'Donoghue

Mr O'Donoghue is a consultant ophthalmic surgeon at the Galway Clinic. He completed his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery education at Cork College University in 1980.

Dr Geraldine Comer

Dr Comer gained her Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery in 1987 at the National University of Ireland where she also went on to tutor. Dr Comer now works as an ophthalmologist at the Galway Clinic.

Mr Frank Kinsella

Mr Kinsella is the Galway Clinic's senior ophthalmic surgeon. He trained at the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital in Dublin and continued his training gaining an interest in ocular oncology. Mr Kinsella also worked in Australia before returning to surgery and lecturing in Ireland.

Mr Gerry Fahy

Mr Fahy specialises in cataract surgery, corneal disease and oculoplastics and works as a consultant at the Galway Clinic. He studied at University College Cork and in 1979 received his Bachelor of Surgery and Bachelor of Medicine. He has gained many other qualifications throughout his career and achieved specialist training for ophthalmic surgery 13 years ago.

Contact Details

Galway Clinic Doughiska Co. Galway Ireland

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