Advanced Vision Care

Advanced Vision Care (AVC), based on Harley Street, is a world leader in laser eye surgery with prices starting from £2,100 per eye

History Of Advanvced Vision Care

Advanced Vision Care is an independent eye clinic located on London’s Harley Street, founded in 2003.

Refractive expert Dr. Pillai, who has spent over 20 years specialising in ophthalmic treatments, established the clinic to offer a comprehensive array of eye treatments. Dr. Pillai is himself a highly experienced refractive surgeon, and was the one of the UK’s first consultants to perform bilateral laser eye surgery on the same day. Drawing upon this success and experience, Dr. Pillai founded the Advanced Vision Care clinic to provide patients with outstanding laser eye technology, along with a high level of patient care.

Today, patients can obtain treatments they may not be able to receive otherwise, such as laser treatment for individuals with a high prescription. The Advanced Vision Care Clinic is also home to Europe’s only transparent laser theatre, and the UK’s only non-laser theatre.

Advanced Vision Care

AVC Technology & Treatments

Advanced Vision Care offers a number of popular laser corrective treatments, such as LASIK and LASEK, along with cataract surgery and lens exchange procedures.

To provide this in a way that’s safe and effective, the clinic has invested in state-of-the-art technology, such as the Technolas Teneo 317 from Bausch & Lomb, a device used in laser treatment to map the eyes of a patient undergoing Wavefront laser eye surgery. This machine measures the aberrations of the eye to create the perfect map for the laser and does so with the utmost precision, so that your surgeon is able to programme the laser to effectively target refractive errors.

The Advanced Control Eye (ACE) Tracking System is another device used in laser eye surgery; with this machine, a 3D tracker guides the laser, and should there be too much movement, it will stop the laser right away.

When it comes to the laser surgery itself, the corneal flap is created using an Intralase femtosecond laser, which is one of the safest possible options. This means there is not only improved precision, but also that recovery time is better and the results are improved. The Technolas Teneo 317 Laser by Bausch & Lomb is considered to be the best possible excimer laser, and this is used in conjunction with the personalized map to give patients optimal visual improvement through corrective laser surgery.

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Cost & Finance Options

Vision correction is an expensive procedure, and so many patients look for ways to make the treatment more affordable.

Rather than compromise the quality of care you receive, it’s wise to inquire about payment plans to manage the cost and obtain the best possible treatment. At Advanced Vision Care, there is interest free financing available, with flexible payment options to suit your needs. They have also partnered with top health insurance providers so that even more people are able to enjoy life with 20/20 vision, free from contacts and eyeglasses. All the treatment fees are inclusive and fixed too, helping you to effectively budget for the cost of undergoing laser eye surgery.

A £125 deductible deposit is required for both LASIK and LASEK, while all other treatments require a deposit of £175. There are non-refundable charges for private consultations, the cost of which will vary depending on your treatment. Intralase Advanced Wavefront LASIK costs £2,100 per eye, with additional charges for treating more complicated refractive errors. Advanced Wavefront LASEK costs £2,100 per eye, while the costs of ICL range from £3,450 to £3,600 per eye.

Key Surgeons At Advanced Vision Care

Dr CT Pillai, MD DO, FRCS (Edin), FRCOpth (UK)

Dr Pillai is widely considered to be one of the world’s top laser eye surgeons, and he is the Founder of Medical Director of Advanced Vision Care. Drawing on over 5 years of experience gained in the UK and USA, Dr Pillai was one of the first surgeons to found a surgeon-led laser eye surgery clinic. He is among the few UK surgeons to be awarded a Fellowship in Corneal and Refractive Surgery, and is a hands-on, knowledgeable surgeon that can make patients feel comfortable and at ease during their treatment.

Dr Goran Helgason, MD

For over 25 years, Dr Helgason has been practicing in the field of laser eye surgery. He is a specialist in clear lens exchange procedures and multifocal ICL, along with laser and cataract surgical treatments. Currently a Consultant Surgeon at Advanced Vision Care, he is also a course instructor for ICL surgery globally, and the Medical Director of Sweden’s leading private eye care clinic, Capio Medocular. Not only is Dr Helgason a practitioner of laser eye surgery, he is also a proponent of it, having undergone ICL surgery himself in 2004.

Clinic & Customer Service

Patients visiting the renowned Harley Street clinic will be able to enjoy a high level of care from the first consultation to the final appointment.

First-rate technology combined with surgeons who have many years of experience and a passion for enabling patients achieve optimal vision can help you change your life for the better.

Address - Advanced Vision Care, 77 Harley Street, London, W1G 8QN,

Telephone - 0800 652 4878<,p>

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