Cheap Laser Eye Surgery

On average the cheapest laser eye surgery in the UK starts from £595 per eye. When trying to find the cheapest laser eye clinic in the UK you need also ensure that you are finding a reputable laser eye surgeon and not just the one who can offer the cheapest price

Laser Eye Surgery Prices

Cheapest Advertised Treatment £595 per eye
Average Treatment £595 - £2,400 per eye
Cheaper Abroad? Yes, but make sure you research the clinic first

The cost of laser eye surgery in the UK is usually between £595 and £2,300 per eye and this cost can be influenced by a number of factors. It is important to make comparisons between all of the providers before going ahead with a procedure in order to be sure you are getting the best deal. There are a vast number of laser eye surgery clinics in every city and most towns that offer various types of condition-specific laser eye surgery.

What Affects The Cost Of Laser Eye Surgery?

Prices can change and scale rapidly depending upon the procedure that is undertaken and will often rise as the requirements for treatment increase. Larger eyesight corrections are often more expensive than minor ones and the final price is further determined by the surgeon's experience and reputation, the clinic and the prescription. Often if laser surgery is advertised as 'cheap laser surgery’ it is because after care is not included which can be an added expense that some patients might not consider before committing to surgery.

Costs for a specific treatment will vary from surgery to surgery, each of which could be affected by a range of factors:

  • Clinics in busy areas may be cheaper as they are more likely to be affected by local competition and will often be larger, which brings economies of scale
  • You tend to pay a premium for individual surgeons who are certified by the Royal College of Opthalmologists. Certification is not mandatory, but does show the surgeon has carried out at least 300 successful procedures in the space of two years

Comparing Prices Online

The internet is a valuable tool for quickly receiving a variety of quotes from high street names and specialist laser eye clinics across the UK. After entering a few simple details these can help you receive a number of quotes and cheap laser eye surgery deals in an easy to digest format, and are largely unbiased as they hold no affiliation to the clinics. You can also discuss the issue on forums where patients have given their feedback on their treatment as well as the clinic that performed it. It's also worth reading through dedicated forums such as and relevant threads on consumer boards. Money Saving Expert is one such community where they have whole sections of their forums dedicated to providing tips on saving money on surgery as well as sharing feedback.

Before making any price comparison, remember a couple of key points.

  • Most British surgeries will only treat one eye at a time, though some can carry out two separate surgeries in short succession after checking the first has gone to plan. Because of this, the vast majority of quoted fees are for surgery on one eye only.
  • Make sure you are making a fair comparison by checking what each price includes. Aftercare, including follow-up appointments, is a key part of any treatment but not all surgeries include it in the headline price.

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Laser Eye Surgery Offers

A number of factors impact the cost of your laser treatment, such as your specific prescription, the clinic’s location, and the surgeon’s reputation.

On average, you can expect to pay between £1,000 and £1,500 per eye in the UK, but treatments such as LASEK can cost upwards of £800 to £2,000 per eye. While the temptation to look for offers or deals may appeal in a bid to make the cost of treatment more affordable, it’s important not to cut corners and place your eyesight in the hands of unqualified professional. Instead, ask reputable clinics about payment plans and the possibility of splitting the cost to make the price of laser eye surgery more manageable.

affordable laser eye surgery

Laser Eye Surgery Abroad

Seeking laser eye surgery abroad is an option many pursue because the costs can be dramatically lower than those in the UK. Hungary, for example, offers a treatment for around £450 that costs more than £1,000 in the United Kingdom.

However, if you decide to go abroad, it is necessary to first research the qualifications of the surgeon to ensure they are reputable and you get value for money. Obtaining references from other patients who have had treatment from your hospital of choice is also recommended. Cheap laser eye surgery wrapped up as a package holiday can seem like an attractive prospect for someone looking to undergo laser eye surgery but a thorough research should always be made beforehand.

Where To Start

The best way to compare the cost of UK laser eye and LASIK surgery is by using an online comparison service to see the treatments available and the average costs of those treatments in the UK.

These online resources will often be able to outline the various types of laser eye surgery including LASIK laser surgery and advise prospective patients on what to realistically expect from the treatment. It is important not to let price alone influence which clinic you chose to perform the LASIK eye surgery, and we advise patients to conduct thorough research on the clinic before choosing to go ahead with treatment.

Interested in laser eye surgery but unsure of whether you could afford the procedure? Why not see how much you could save through treatment in an instant with our laser eye surgery savings calculator. Enter a few key details about how much you spend on glasses and contact lenses at the moment and how much surgery could cost you to work out your savings instantly.

Conditions That Can Be Treated With Laser eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery can be used to treat a number of conditions, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

When a patient suffers from nearsightedness (myopia), the rays of light entering the eye appear in front of the retina, rather than on it, meaning objects in the distance appear blurry. Farsightedness (hyperopia) is a condition that occurs when the light entering the eye arrives at a focus point that is behind the retina rather than on it, so that objects appear blurry when held near to the eye. Astigmatism occurs when the cornea has an uneven curve, meaning that no matter the distance, the eye is unable to focus clearly. In all of these cases, laser eye surgery can be performed to alter the shape of the cornea so that light enters the eye correctly.

It’s important to note that laser eye surgery will not be able to cure all types of visual impairments; for example, it can’t be used to treat a lazy eye (amblyopia), nor is it effective in the treatment of a squint (strabismus). Although it is possible to undergo laser eye treatment when suffering from glaucoma, the treatment itself will not correct this particular visual condition.

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