Intralase Wavefront LASIK surgery

What Is Intralase Wavefront LASIK Surgery?

LASIK laser eye surgery allows specialist surgeons to perform safe, corrective eye surgery that gives a better result than the previous available options. By using the Intralase Wavefront LASIK method utilises a laser to produce a flap to operate through that is thinner, more accurately cut and altogether cleaner than one opened through traditional LASIK treatment. By using this alongside Wavefront technology which allows the optometrist to accurately map the patients' eyes, the surgeon is then able to correct the patients imperfect vision in the most accurate way possible.

Since it's introduction Intralase Wavefront LASIK surgery has proved itself to be the safest and most effective means of correcting vision on the market at the moment with more patients enjoying the benefits of 20:20 vision than any other treatment.

The Cost of Intralase Wavefront Surgery

The cost of Intralase Wavefront LASIK treatment can range from £1700 to £1900 per eye. Many clinics offer the option for potential laser eye surgery patients to take out a tailored repayment plan with 0% interest to help pay for treatment however this will depend on the specific terms and conditions of each clinic and require an initial deposit to be left.

What Are The Advantages Of Having Wavefront Treatment?

Intralase Wavefront LASIK Surgery

Intralase Wavefront LASIK surgery is used to improve the patient's vision by shaping the cornea correctly and can be carried out as an outpatient procedure in around fifteen minutes by a qualified ophthalmologist.

By using "bladeless" technology the Intralase Wavefront LASIK treatment can drastically reduce the possibility of short and long term complications as well as the potential distortion that can come with creating the flap using the traditional bladed method. As a result of surgeons utilising Wavefront technology patients have a better chance of experiencing 20:20 vision with less chance of experiencing distorted results.

By cutting a cleaner and thinner flap, through this "bladeless" technology this allow less tissue to be unnecessarily disturbed below the flap which will improve results once more. Through using Intralase Wavefront LASIK surgery patients will also experience fewer problems post surgery from glaring and impaired night time vision which can be an unwanted side-effect of traditional "bladed" LASIK methods.

Why Is Wavefront LASIK Better Than Traditional LASIK?

Traditional LASIK treatments use a small mechanical blade, known as a microkeratome, to create the LASIK flap. Even this is a safe way to do this, the blade can render patients at higher risk of microscopic imperfections in the surface of the incision, which can result in vision distortion.

The wavefront laser eye surgery allows the surgeon to maintain a cleaner, more sterile environment that all but eliminates the risk of infection and inflammation. This is because wavefront allows for a more precise cut that is made very near to the surface of the cornea, permitting the surgeon to secure the maximum structural strength of the eye, thus increasing the long term safety of the treatment.

Who Is Intralase Wavefront Surgery Suitable For?

Whether a patient is a good candidate for Intralase Wavefront LASIK eye surgery is decided through an eye examination which will be carried out by an experienced ophthalmologist. They will ensure that you meet the necessary criteria helping to reduce any risks which can be related to the procedure. The best results from Lasik surgery are obtained when the eye is fully matured and therefore the patient must be over 18, with eyesight that has remained the same for at least the previous twelve months.

?We recommend that potential laser eye surgery patients talk through their expectations as well as the potential risks that are associated with laser eye surgery with a consultant before committing to surgery. They will best advise you on what type of surgery is your best option as well as talking through the results you can realistically expect from surgery.

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