Best Laser Eye Surgery Clinics In The UK

There are many different ways you can ascertain the best laser eye surgery for you. Patients might instinctively look towards the overall reputation of the clinics or surgeon themselves, the length of time they have been practising or even the balance struck between the quality of service received and the overall cost of the treatment.

However, as with any major medical procedure patients must try and dig a little deeper to find the perfect clinic to suit their specific needs.

The UK is constantly developing safer, quicker and more affordable laser eye surgery techniques to bring 20:20 vision to more and more people. Laser eye surgery technology in Europe has developed to such a point that potential laser eye surgery patients can now easily find a number of excellent clinics within their local area and most towns and cities are home to at least two or three top laser eye chains.

Choosing A Clinic

Watch Valerie Saw, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital, advise what you should consider when choosing where to have your surgery:


Video Transcript

"I think there’s probably three main things that would be helpful to keep in mind. Firstly, to know that your surgeon’s experienced, secondly that your surgeon has a good reputation, and thirdly to make sure that you will get good aftercare and follow up after the surgery. It’s really important to be able to know that you can contact your surgeon if you’re worried about anything after surgery or something doesn’t feel right."

Valerie Saw, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital


Deciding On A Laser Eye Surgery Clinic

When deciding on the best laser eye surgery clinics, a patient should try to look beyond the reputation a clinic has collected or whether it is associated to a nationwide brand and speak to past patients about the care and treatment they received.


One of the best ways to access impartial feedback is from those who have already experienced a laser eye surgery correction. You can access their opinions by using a customer satisfaction forum or reading testimonials from previous patients.

The review site provides useful information about the preparation and research involved in finding a suitable provider and former patient’s posts can give an insider's perspective on the procedure itself. There might also be information on the types of complications which may occur following treatment, hoe the clinic dealt with it and the level of service offered.

Enough information will give a clear indication of the standards and ethics of the provider and whether or not they would be a suitable option.

It is worth remembering every individual will have their own story to tell and that each experience will be based on a specific set of circumstances. There are certain considerations to bear in mind when evaluating the feedback.

  • Each individual will have their own diagnosed prescription on which their treatment will be based: This means that the post could be from someone with a prescription type which may well differ from your own diagnosis. Did the respondent have the advanced Wavefront technology incorporated into their procedure, was the Intralase (bladeless) technique used, or did they have their correction performed using the standard PRK treatment?
  • Were there mitigating circumstances that influenced the testimonial? If an individual is unhappy with the diagnosis given by the ophthalmologist at their chosen provider, it may be that there were certain mitigating circumstances. For example, not everyone will be a suitable candidate for laser eye surgery. For those who have an abnormally thin cornea or who suffer a high level astigmatism it will be impossible to perform LASEK, LASIK or PRK Laser Eye correction.

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Online Comparison Sites

There are of course a number of free online comparison services, who can quickly and efficiently give patients a selection of top laser eye specialists within their area. Online price comparison sites can not only save time on their research but also benefit from exclusive deals from many leading providers.

Much like Clinic Compare, many of these independent and impartial sites are run by medical professionals who work with the best interests of potential patients at heart. After entering a few basic details about your requirements and being matched with a number of clinics in your local area it will then be up to you to visit your chosen providers, evaluate their services, and select the one which will be right for your procedure.

The UK's Best Laser Eye Clinics

best laser eye surgery clinic
  • Advanced Vision Care is home to Mr CT Pillai, a former NHS consultant who has carried out more than 20,000 laser eye procedures. He is accompanied by Dr Goran Helgason, who has 25 years' experience in laser eye surgery and is a specialist in implantable contact lens procedures. The team also includes Harvard-qualified Professor Martin Filipec, who also has more than 25 years' experience and has set up clinics and trained staff across Eastern Europe and Afghanistan, and Ms Valerie Saw, a Moorfields Eye Hospital consultant who is now an NHS consultant at Imperial College specialising in vision correction surgery and dry eye.
  • Center for Sight was founded by Sheraz Daya in 1996. Specialising in LASIK, ICL, Laser Lens replacement surgery and Laser Cataract Surgery, Center for Sight is well known for their pioneering treatments and technology. Leading surgeons include Sheraz M. Daya MD FACP FACS FRCS(Ed) FRCOphth, Marcela Espinosa-Lagana MD and Lucia Pelosini MD, MRCSEd, FRCOphth.
  • London Vision Clinic is a Harley Street facility with three surgeons. Founder Professor Dan Reinstein has 18 years' experience, including more than a decade dedicated to laser eye surgery, and helped develop some of the techniques used today. Mr Gerry Carp has 15 years' professional experience in eye surgery while Mr Gerry Clare has performed more than a thousand cataracts operations and spent 20 years as a specialist eye surgeon in the army.
  • Moorfields Eye Hospital is an NHS hospital based in Central London that offers some treatments, including laser eye and cataract surgery, through a separate private patient business. It has eleven consultants who specialise in sight correction surgery, some with specific expertise in particular treatments. Unlike many clinics, Moorfield charges for initial consultations, but these will be with the actual consultant who will perform your surgery should you choose to go ahead.
  • Optical Express is a UK complete eyecare specialist that offers glasses, contact lenses, eye tests, laser eye surgery, lens and cataract surgery. Optical Express surgeons are all fellows or members of the Royal College of Surgeons and Royal College of Ophthalmologists. They have carried out more than two million surgeries between them.
  • Optimax is a chain of 29 clinics across the UK. In 2013 it merged with , a national chain of 18 clinics across the UK that has been running more than 20 years. It requires all its surgeons to have accreditation from the Royal College of Opthalmologists, Royal College of Surgeons or both. Many of the surgeons work across multiple clinics in the chains, so patients will often have a choice of surgeon, subject to schedules.
  • Accuvision is a leading UK clinic specialising in laser vision correction. Working in conjunction with Alcon, Accuvision worked within this field for over 30 years. There are currently 5 clinics nationwide; London, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol and Newcastle
  • BUPA is a global private healthcare group. They provide laser eye surgery, as well as a wide range of other treatments. You do not need to have private medical insurance to have laser eye surgery at BUPA, as they also offer a self-pay option. Typically prices start from £1,000 per eye, find more about costs here
  • Manchester Royal Eye Hospital is the largest teaching hospital in Europe and one of the UK's leading clinics for laser eye surgery. It was originally founded in 1814 and in August 2009 the hospital moved to a new building on the Royal Infirmary site. Laser eye treatment can either be paid for privately or through the NHS (depending on eligibility). The world's first visual prosthesis was fitted at this hospital by consultant ophthalmologist Paulo Stanga in July 2015.
  • Midland Eye Institute is an eye clinic located in Solihull, where both private and NHS patients can be treated. Privately, the average cost for laser eye surgery is £1,800 per eye. They offer all traditional forms of laser eye surgery, such as LASIK, LASEK and LENSAR laser cataract surgery, as well as more modern procedures such as an eye lift (Blepharoplasty).

The UK's Best Laser Eye Surgeons

Professor Dan Reinstein, Mr Glenn Carp and Dr Merce Morral all operate from the London Vision Clinic based in Harley Street and are considered three of the surgeons at the forefront of laser eye surgery in the UK.

  • Professor Reinstein has a career that spans eighteen years and he pioneered a corneal scanner known as the Artemis scanner, the most accurate corneal scanner and can scan the surface of the cornea to within one micron.
  • Mr Glenn Carp was handpicked by Professor Reinstein as he was impressed with his dedication and surgical skill making him a valuable asset to the clinic.
  • Dr Morral completed her training in 2001 and bases her treatment ethic on improving people's quality of life.
  • Mr David Allamby is the director of Focus Laser Vision in the United Kingdom and has been a specialist ophthalmic surgeon since 1989 and specialises in refractive treatments.
  • Mr Ali Mearza also works from the Focus Clinic, he qualified in 1996 and is trained in both corneal and refractive surgery.
  • Mr C T Pillai is an eye surgeon that has completed over twenty thousand procedures and is medical director at Advanced Vision Care. Mr Pillai has over 15 years of experience in performing laser eye surgery and has trained and practised in both the UK & USA. On top of being medical director at one of the UK's most well-renowned laser eye clinics Mr Pillai is also holds a fellowship in corneal and refractive surgery.
  • Ms Valerie Saw, a Moorfields Eye Hospital consultant who now performs laser eye surgery at Advanced Vision Care, has been a corneal specialist for over 10 years, specialising in cataracts, corneal transplants and laser vision correction.

Although these are just a few examples of some of many talented surgeons operating, the UK is home to some of the world's top laser eye surgeons operating in well-equipped clinics which utilise state of the art laser eye technology to provide some of the safest and most effective treatments for everything from myopia to astigmatism.

If you have any questions about laser eye surgery then why not take a look at our laser eye surgery frequently asked questions section for answers to such questions as Where Can I Have Laser Eye Surgery In Ireland?" "Can You Have Laser Eye Surgery More Than Once?", "What's The Best Age To Have Laser Eye Surgery?" and many more.

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